Here Are Tips To Ensure Your Credit Card Online Transactions Are Safe

Every time we use our credit cards online to make purchases, we give out certain sensitive information, which can be hacked by cybercriminals who in turn sell that information.

We are always at risk of getting our accounts hacked, identities stolen, or emails spammed because most of us lack the knowledge required to prevent spam or fraudulent activities. So, while exploring how to apply for a credit card, you must be thorough with such risks and know different ways to ensure safe transactions. Here are some of the security measures for safe credit card transactions:

Tips To Ensure Your Credit Card Online Transactions Are Safe

  • Use trusted websites

How to ensure that the website address you are using to shop online is secure? Ensure that the address should start with “HTTPS://” as it indicates that the transactions are encrypted. 

Also, always avoid clicking on the links provided via emails. These links redirect you to websites that are set up only for fraud. So, always type the correct URL of the website in the browser. 

  • Avoid using public wifi

Cybercriminals use public wifi networks to look for sensitive information. Your details are intercepted while you are using the public wifi to shop online. It is how cybercriminals gain access to your credit card’s sensitive information like account login details. 

  • Avoid storing your card number online

You may tend towards saving your credit card information for an improved shopping experience, but this can put you at a greater risk of identity theft. So, it is crucial to fill in your credit card details every time you make a purchase. It may be quite cumbersome, but it is a better way to ensure the transactions are safe. 

  • Regularly check the security settings of your computer

Hackers may benefit from the lag in your browser’s security system and the operating system to steal critical details such as credit card numbers, account passwords, etc.  

So, it is your responsibility to regularly check your computer and mobile devices’ security settings to prevent fraudulent activities. 

  • Keep your PIN and password safe

A PIN is a security code to keep your transactions safe. So, you will have to ensure that your PIN is not easy to guess, and changing your PIN every few months is a great way to make sure that your credit card is less susceptible to fraud. 

If you know how to apply for a credit card online, you must also know the importance of login details such as ID and password for online banking. It is crucial to set a strong password to make safe transactions. Your password should include upper and lower letters, numbers, and symbols to add complexity. 

  • Do not share your OTP or PIN

It is something every bank tells you before approving your credit card because anyone with your one-time password or PIN could make purchase transactions or even withdraw cash. So, NEVER share your OTP or PIN with anyone. No bank’s representative asks for such sensitive information. 


It is easy to know how to apply for a credit card online and avail yourself of an easy and convenient facility to make online purchases. However, before using your credit card online, you must be wary of the security risks associated with online transactions.

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