Hurt in HEB – How to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Slip and falls are one of the most common accidents in H-E-B Grocery Company, LP. Anybody who was involved in a slip and fall accident knows that it is no joke. Besides ruining your day, it can have some serious consequences. From intense pain to paralysis, slip and fall injuries could cause a lot of damage. So, you might want to sue HEB for compensation. That’s where personal injury lawyers come in. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you win a lawsuit against HEB and recover damages. In this article, we will discuss how you can find a personal injury lawyer if you were hurt in HEB.

Why do you need a personal injury attorney in case you were hurt in HEB?

Personal injury claims against HEB can get complex sometimes. That’s why a good personal injury lawyer becomes essential. They can conduct a thorough virtual assistant software investigation  into every little aspect of the accident. From consulting eyewitnesses to determining whether HEB is at fault for the accident, nothing escapes their attention. Plus, they can help determine how much you can recover from your personal injury claim.

What causes the majority of the slip and fall accidents in HEB?

As we mentioned earlier, slip and fall accidents are pretty common in HEB. Here are some of the leading causes of slip and falls in HEB:

Wet floors

Frosty or fractured sidewalks

Irregular flooring and uneven stairs

Torn carpets

Broken railings in stairways

Lack of sufficient lighting

Frequency of people getting hurt in HEB because of slips and fall accidents

It is common knowledge that stores like H-E-B Grocery Company, LP are unsafe for both employees and customers. Soap spills, sauces, juice, etc. make the aisle dangerous at every possible level to walk. Thus, you too can get injured during your visit to HEB. Every customer expects safety while they visit any place. So, it is the responsibility of the store owner to provide safety to all their customers and employees. Unfortunately, this does not happen every time. A store owner’s negligence can bring about serious health hazards to their customers and employees. And, needless to say, HEB has not improved even a bit. Therefore, if you or a close one was hurt in HEB because of their negligence, don’t hesitate to sue them.

Can you hold HEB liable for your personal injuries?

The Texas Law requires store owners to ensure the safety of their customers and employees. Otherwise, they could face legal troubles. Usually, store owners try their best to resolve dangerous situations as soon as they notice them. However, this is not the case when it comes to slip and fall hazards. They can stay unresolved for long and end up injuring the customers and employers. And, HEB is no different. However, whether you can hold them liable for your accident or not depends on certain factors. Here are some of those factors:

Negligence of the store owner or the employees

Unresolved safety hazards

Lack of maintenance

That’s why you need an experienced personal injury attorney to determine whether you legally qualify to sue HEB.

How can you prove HEB’s liability for your injuries?

If you’re in Texas, you can get compensation for your injuries even if you were partially at fault. According to the Modified Comparative Fault rule, you can get compensation if your share of fault is under 50%. Suppose you fell because you were concentrating totally on your grocery list. You can still hold HEB responsible for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer would try their best to keep the percentage of your share of fault at a minimum. Also, they can help you maximize the amount of compensation you can claim from HEB.

The damages taken into account while calculating the total amount of compensation you receive from your claim are as follows:

Doctor bills

Agony and suffering

Personal property damage

Daily wages lost due to the accident making you unable to attend your workplace

Permanent disability

How to get a good personal injury lawyer if you get hurt in HEB?

Recovering damages from HEB for your personal injuries can get complex. That’s the reason why you need to have a good personal property lawyer by your side. Research a lot. Try to look at the credentials of the lawyer in concern. Look at some of their past cases and how they performed in those. Try to meet some of their former clients as well. They can help you know more about the lawyer. Blindly trusting every review on the internet is the worst mistake you can make here.


Here, we told you what to do if you ever get hurt in HEB. Just remember these things and you too can get a good personal injury lawyer.

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