IT Outsourcing – Importance And Trends To Watch in 2021

The majority of the businesses like to outsource software-related requirements to another company, as it is cheaper than hiring a developer for a particular project. Industry specialists presume that IT outsourcing is here to remain since it brings benefit to the offshore provider and as well as to the buyer.

Statistics reveal that almost 74% of IT companies outsource their processes, and around 80% of businesses are satisfied with their outsourcing partners.

Importance of IT Outsourcing

The Pandemic has a significant impact on various business activities, and the current year is set to witness the effect of COVID-19.

1. Cost-effective – The companies have understood the power of a smaller team. Organizations are reducing their direct workforce and tend to move towards remote working to save their costs. IT outsourcing trends have emerged with a focus on quality and time. Skilled IT software outsourcing companies help businesses provide them with the best solutions and within their budget. With the economic recovery still is quite unsure after the Pandemic, the cost-saving alternatives are the prime reason for outsourcing.

2. Help a business focus on its core activities – Fully outsourcing the company’s IT activities helps to hire better and qualified, skilled experts. They ensure to provide high-quality solutions, assisting the organization to focus on their core job. The Software Development Agency has the methodologies, resources and skills to provide better results.

3. Globalization – Remote working has eliminated borders across various countries. Now the companies can hire top talents all across the globe. The developers can also remotely work for an international company as per their likings and preferences.

4. Diversified digital solution – Globalization has provided the opportunity to choose from a pool of skilled IT software outsourcing companiesA company can select a developer from all over the world based on their requirements and their specific budget allocations.

5. Savings on infrastructure – Outsourcing helps to avoid the need for investments in costly infrastructure requirements. The Software Development Agency takes responsibility for all the business processes and eliminates the in-house equipment’s investments requirements.

6. Provide uninterrupted services – Outsourcing to ensure uninterrupted services. Professional IT network service providers take care of software management and development process. Timely updations are a necessity while managing software. The outsourcing companies are skilled enough to control the shortcomings and updating as per the new business requirements.

Emerging trends for IT Outsourcing in the year 2021

The IT outsourcing industry is in the process of constant evolution. The trend to offshore services is growing in the current year.

1. Priority for security – Data security will be the top priority for software agencies. The IoT services have proved to be more volatile, and security risks are on a higher level. The fact that a hacking attack occurs every 39 seconds, companies will choose safer products to enhance security features. Most of the companies are not skilled to handle all the cyber attacks. So, a lot of businesses is going to outsource data security to security experts.

2. Rise in cloud demands – Remote working will encourage demand in cloud services—the ease to work from anywhere is the need of the time. The cloud providers are set to be on the drive to serve the cloud-savvy clients to help them access their data from anywhere and anytime.

3. Demand for call centres to decrease – The self-service tools will result in lower demand for call centres. The virtual agents are able to handle higher volumes with a small team of agents. Thus various tech-enabled centres may replace the traditional call centres in the time ahead.

4; Reduce outsourcing costs through the application of Intelligent Automation – Robotics process automation is expected to flourish in the coming years. An intelligent automation system will drive down costs in a considerable manner and help enterprises to save more.

5. Outsource ability Grid – A client will be able to view their outsourcing process in a grid. This process will accurately capture the stages in the outsourcing journey to enable the client to understand the benefits they are driving.

6. More concentration on value and know on time taken – Most customers agree that if the outcomes meet their demand, they are happy in the end. No matter for the total time taken as they have to pay prices as per the fixed contract. Paying for the final results is always satisfactory for the end consumers as they have not to pay for the programming hours.


However, it is hard to say how many companies are deciding to outsource IT requirements, but the current demand is skyrocketing. With the emerging technology trends in the coming years, the outsourcing industry is going to get bigger and better in the future.

These tough times when there is no certainty, having a skilled partner can change the game in your favour.

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